Here’s another look for you all to enjoy! In this post we wanted to talk a little about contouring. Clients always ask us why ┬áit is important to contour. When we apply concealer, foundation, and powder we are evening out our face of any imperfections. While the redness and marks are gone we also lose the natural shading of our skin. We contour so we can accent our bone structure and bring out our best features. Below is an example of the contouring we did!



In this photo we started out with no makeup, than applied some foundation and than went over the face with some lighter and darker shades of concealer to highlight and contour. You might have noticed in the before photo the brows are thinner and don’t have much shape. It’s very important to fill in the brows so they stand out.



The beautiful jewelry is from Khanak’s.



Here’s a shot of the hair from the side.



We wanted to make the back of the hair very big and add a lot of texture to it.



You don’t always have to match your eyeshadows with your outfit and we wanted to show that here. We tried different colors on the eyes than what we saw in her outfit and jewelry.



We love this shot form the side. Hope you all enjoyed this blog see you all back here soon! : )